Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Organizing Tips!

I thought I would share some tips that might come in handy!

  • Do you have any of those wire cd holders?? They make a great rack for plastic lids in your cupboards...then I can stack all the gladware and tupperware.

  • Do you keep those zippered plastic pouches that come with blankets and sheets? Pack one up with a blanket, candles, matches, protein bar and anything else you might need to keep in your vehicle in case of emergency. They also work great for packing on a trip to make sure wet stuff (toiletries, or bathing suits) don't ruin your clothes.
  • Over the door shoe racks (the kind with the pouches) are great in every room to organize small toys, those stray socks from the dryer until you find the mate, jewelry, even cleaning products.
  • My new favorite tool is microfiber sponges (I even have them in pink). They are so great for cleaning counters and spill and they wash up beautifully. Just throw them in the washer with your dish towels.
  • I have very small cupboards (and not many), so my spice cupboard was a mess. That was, until I found these.....

My spices are so organized now and my cupboard looks so neat!


Anonymous said...

Love the cd holder idea, cant wait to find one at a yard sale!