Monday, April 14, 2008

My Kitchen

Well, since it actually snowed this weekend (where is this global warming I keep hearing about??) and there's no way I can work on my outdoor room, I thought I'd concentrate on another room.

My kitchen is very small. It's a galley kitchen, which would not be my first choice. What can ya do right? You work with what you have! Here is a picture of my little nook with the chalkboard and the pictures I added.

I plan to paint the cabinets, but that's going to have to wait. I have a huge list of projects I want to get done before that. I've been working on a recipe box with all my favorite recipes, so I decided to use that project for last month's article on SSR (see my sidebar for a link). Here is just the start of it....I have many more to add.

And speaking of my kitchen....I had the fabulous opportunity to visit Trader Joe's for the first time ever. It was in St. Louis, about 3.5 hours away. It was so worth it though. I was able to stock my cupboard and freezer with goodliness!!! Here is some lemonade I bought. How delightful that will be in a wine glass.

Here is some chocolate covered edamame. I have been wanting to try edamame for a very long time, but could not find it at my Walmart. These are so good!!! They remind me of chocolate covered espresso beans...but without the jittery buzz.