Monday, April 7, 2008

Bargains & Projects

Well Mr. T and I actually had a child free weekend. His parents came and got our dolly friday morning. Oh what to do with this new found freedom??? Why shop, of course!! It was so nice to be able to browse at leisure in the stores. I found some fabulous bargains at Marshall's, Michaels, and Big Lots!

Now my sister and I have an understanding that when we are out and about and see something really cool that is shippable....we must get it for each other. Marshall's had some beautiful tea cups!

This is the set I bought for myself.

And this is the set that I know my sister will love!!

I also found this pretty teapot. I am so drawn to robin's egg blue these days!

Michael's had this beautiful iron urn (and I had a 50% off coupon). I filled it with pink and blue balls and I really like the way it turned out.

This was also 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I thought it would look so pretty with some plants in each pot in my outdoor living area.

Speaking of my outdoor living area....I got this wicker set off Craigslist and I'm painting it white. This was my other goal this childless weekend. I did manage to get it painted, I just haven't taken a picture of it yet.

This is the before picture of my outdoor living area. I plan on painting the cement floor. I found an old iron bed frame on Craigslist (set up against the house), that I will also be painting white. I need to figure out the outdoor cushions though. I also have a candle chandelier to hang. I'm so excited about this project, I can hardly stand it.

I did manage to sprain my ankle this weekend, so I didn't get all the projects done that I wanted to....but I did have fun anyways.


Alison said...

You were a busy girl! How fun!

DivaDeb said...

Kelli, it sounds like you ahve a very fun and productive weekend!

This is my first visit to your blog, after you left a comment on mine. (Thanks for visiting ME!) I've just skimmed thru your posts - WOW those roses are totally amazing! And I can't wait to see whant you do with your patio...oh, so much fun. I'll come back for sure!

DivaDeb said...

I really don't usually spell THAT bad....sheesh. Typing too fast. I wish we could edit comments on Blogger!!!