Monday, November 10, 2008

Mmm Mmm.....Good!

So this weekend was very cold and what is good on a cold day?? Ok, yes the real answer is Brad Pitt....but I was thinking along another line. Soup!!! Hmm...after the Brad Pitt thing....soup doesn't sound quite as good...

Anyways, I wanted to go to Olive Garden this weekend for their soup, salad and breadsticks lunch. Well wouldn't you know it we all got colds. There was no way we were going anywhere. I remember that I had saved a copycat recipe of the Zuppa Toscana soup that Olive Garden favorite. I'm always a little hesitant about copycat recipes when I know what the original tastes like. I never think they taste quite as good.

Thankfully, I was wrong this time. (did I just say that??) The soup was fantastic! Now this is not my picture of the soup. My camera battery was dead and the soup was gone before it finished charging. I also left out the kale cuz...well, we pick it out at the restaurant anyways. I got the recipe here. Enjoy!


Kerryanne English said...

Soup is a real pick me up when you are feeling under the weather, especially if the weather is cold. The only thing better than that soup is if Brad was spoon feeding you...LOL
Hope you all feel much better real soon.

Pink Slippers said...

You always could invent a soup and name it after Brad Pitt. lol.

Claire said...

Ah, yes. Brad Pitt is much better than soup. But when you can't have Brad, soup is a nice alternative. ;)

Hope you're feeling better!