Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Announcement!!

Do you remember my sister that I visited this summer? Here a couple of pics of her beautiful home.

Well she and I are going to start an ezine called Romantic Living! We're both so excited about this venture. The first issue is going to be in March and will be sent via email. However we will be starting a blog with lots of great things for you to enjoy until the first issue is ready. So visit us at the new blog Romantic Living and sign up to receive the first issue.

I will be closing this blog down so I can concentrate on the magazine. We're going to kick things off with a really big contest, so watch for that in the next few days.

Thank you so much to all who have visited me here and left comments. I sure hope to see you at the new blog.


Kerryanne English said...

Now that was a great surpise Kelli. Good luck to you and your sister an dnow I am dashing off to check out the new blog.

Pink Slippers said...

Sounds fun and how neat to do it with your sis.

Rosy said...

Congratulations!!! That sounds like a great venture.I wish you all the best, you are really talented and I'm sure you'll do well.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Congrats to you both!! Cannot wait to see it!!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

How fun!!

M ^..^

Becky said...

How exciting. Good luck with your venture. I love the Romantic lifestyle.
Hope you will come see my One Shabby Old House. Hopefully we will become a B&B one day.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

So pretty! My next house will either be a cabin, or all white!! :) I love that !! and what a great Venture too!

Hugs, Cynthia

Claire said...

Awesome! Good luck, I'm on my way there now!


Barb said...

That bedroom at your sisters looks like a dream room. Not sure i woulld want to ever leave it. =0))

Can't wati to see who the winer is Monday, and can't wati for the e-zine.
Hope all is going well.

Enjoy your Christmas.

Barbara Jean

Tiffany said...

I just adore your blog and wanted to let you know that since you are one of my previous top 10 blogs of the week, you have been entered in a giveaway! The only catch is that you have to be the most voted for this week to become one of the Hall of Fame, crafty blogs. If you are chosen then you will be put into a vote for blog of the year in January!!!!
So please encourage your readers to head over to the Crafty Homemaker and vote for you plus when they do vote for you they are put into a different drawing! Again I just love you blog and thank you for all you do!
Good Luck

christa Sterken said...

Wow, just found your blog and want to live in this room! Good luck with you and your sister...I hope you don't mind I posted a link to your site from my blog

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh how lovely! It sounds like a wonderful project.

Rhondi said...

I noticed that you stopped by my blog today and I just wanted to say thanks for visiting. I see you aren't posting anymore, so maybe you won't even get this :)
Hugs, Rhondi

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