Monday, August 11, 2008

More Tips!

I found a great list to create a cleaning caddy. What a great gift that would be for someone who just moved!! You can even make it pretty by using this pink caddy!

Personally, I like to have one of these in each of the bathrooms. Saves a lot of time running back and forth.

Anyways, here is the list...

COTTON SWABS: Great for cleaning corners and crevices. Makes the job of cleaning keyboards, cameras, window tracks and shoes a breeze.

CLOTH DIAPERS: Reusable, absorbent, lint-free and perfect for polishing. Use for wiping up spills, washing your car, cleaning windows and polishing furniture.

While they’re made from nylon and polyester, they’re still a good eco-frugal choice because you’ll use less water, chemical products and paper towels.

Protect your hands from bacteria, chemicals and extended time in water with gloves. They work well to grip jars for easy opening, too.

TOOTHBRUSH: Perfect scrubbing tool for hard-to-reach places. Clean around faucets, in sliding tracks, flatware, scrubbing stains, used as a nailbrush, for toilet hinges, jewelry, shoes and combs.

DISINFECTANT WIPES: Great for quick cleanups such as counters and doorknobs. You can make your own. Use thick paper towels cut in half with the cardboard tube removed, washcloths or cotton cloths. Place them in a container with a lid, such as a plastic ice-cream tub, plastic coffee container or baby-wipes box. For the cleaner, use a two-to-one mixture of vinegar and water or your favorite antibacterial cleaner. Dilute according to your cleaner’s label instructions. You can add your favorite essential oils, such as lemon or tea tree.

BAKING SODA: It deodorizes, scours and works well to clean proteins and grease. Often used on faucets to remove spots. Add it to laundry as a booster, or make it into a paste with water and use it as a stain remover. Use it combined with water for dishes that have baked-on food or coffee/tea stains.

LOOFAH: If you frequently use scrub sponges or scouring pads, try replacing them with loofahs. Loofahs can be grown by seed in your own backyard, so are versatile, natural and biodegradable. They’re natural scrubbers for the kitchen and bath.

RUBBER BRUSH AND BROOM: Readers with pets and children mentioned they liked using the brushes and brooms to get fur off furniture and carpet. The brooms are multipurpose and can be used as a squeegee, broom, mop and scrubber. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

MELAMINE FOAM: Readers love these products for their ability to remove crayon marks, stains, adhesive residue, spots and spills from various surfaces. To get the most use, they often cut the foam into quarters and rinse to revive.

FURNITURE POLISH: Combine 1 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice. Place in a glass jar, and you have a simple, homemade polish.

*Now I have to add in Magic Erasers!!! These things are miracles and take off so much stuff!

Here is also another tip about Baking Soda!

If you have pets that live in the house, you know how hard it is to get pet hair out of blankets. They just seem to grab a hold and won't let go. Just throw some baking soda in your wash and somehow it tells the little hairs that it's okay to let go!!

Lastly, I saw this on a tv show this weekend. If you have a small bathroom and don't have a lot of space to hold toiletries, get one of these shower curtains and instead of putting in pictures, put in makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, whatever you need to hide. Plus if you don't want it exposed, just hang your regular curtain over top of it and no one will even know your shower curtain is packing like a mule!

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Kerryanne English said...

Great cleaning caddy and tips Kelli. Another wonder cleaner is white vinegar...especially if you have a dog in the house.

Pink Slippers said...

Very pretty cleaning caddy. I think that would make me want to clean more--OK maybe not, but it would look like it. Wendy


I see you have change things on your banner and all pretty pink. Thanks for sharing the cleaning info. Have a great day.
Warmly, Deb


Hey Kelli :)

Ya gotta love the cotton swabs and the toothbrush...2 of my favourite and MUST HAVE cleaning tools! LOL.
Life simple pleasures huh? LOL

Shannon :)